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    Rich Marine Culture in Thailand

    An amazing experience

    Thailand is one of the best places in the world to enjoy the adventures on water. You can go snorkelling over the coral reefs in the far-away Mergui Archipelago. You can also enjoy a relaxing cruise to the Krabi Island on the Big Boat. Explore the vast world below the sea by snorkelling and also watching the reefs through the glass-bottom view-finders at the Chicken Island and the Poda Island. The rich marine life will leave you mesmerized by the wonderful sight of the abundant small reef sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, and even the whale sharks and also the wonderful range of hard and soft corals, iridescent reef fish, and sea anemones on display. Thailand provides wonderful places to relax and sunbathe as well as enjoy the sea sports. There is plenty to be enjoyed at the full of action white water rafting adventure that goes down the beautiful Tonepariwat wildlife sanctuary river. You can view some of the most breathtaking sights and be ready to even get wet.

    Scuba diving is a very popular water sport in Thailand. The country is a treasure trove for divers with scuba diving being one of the most popular activities at the Pattaya water sports. You can enjoy your dives with those beautiful and majestic whale sharks, manta rays, and leopard sharks. Just go ahead and dive into the crystal clear waters, go around swimming miles and miles of the beautiful corals and be a part of the enchanting and colourful underwater life.

    Not everybody may be up to the extreme adventure at all times. For those who just want to have a little bit of fun along with some fun and frolic, the banana boats are an ideal foil. The banana boats are great for the families who just want to have some fun and excitement in the seas together. And if you want to have a little more of the thrilling adventure by the shore, all you need to do is go ahead and enjoy the jet skiing. You do not even need to know swimming if you want to have fun on the jet ski, you just need to know how to ride a bike. And for those of you who like to enjoy their adventures alone by themselves, jet skiing across all over the vast sea can be simply exhilarating.

    Yatch sailing over the deep seas in the ocean is a water sport that is a call to the explorer hidden in you. Just to imagine about being by yourself at the helm of this majestic and wonderful yatch, going out sailing towards the horizon and exploring the ocean while going along sailing. Thailand with its rich marine culture offers you many such wonderful opportunities. Come over and give us an opportunity to plan a great adventure trip for you at Thailand.

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