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Enjoy the Adventure Tourism in Thailand

An amazing experience

Get out of the airplane and land directly on the earth to begin your journey of adventure, thrill, and fun while in Thailand. Even for the first time traveller, you can experience the excitement and thrill of the freefall with the help of our experienced instructors. There are a few things that can beat the experience of jumping out of an airplane that is flying at the height of 13.500ft. Falling from such a height at 200km/h, you will have a freefall for about 50 seconds and then fly around with the parachute for several minutes. Those with the sky diving licence can even jump solo by themselves. If you are in search of an aerial thrill but at less than 4000 meters, you can go for the Pattaya Bungy Jump which has a 60m platform designed above a lake. You will be supported by very experienced and professionally trained people for this adventure. You can try to go in for multiple jumps if you enjoy it. Pattaya in addition to its lovely beaches also offers a range of other adventure activities that include off road buggies. Many people around the world would love to go swimming with dolphins. Oasis Sea World in Thailand can make your dream come true in the very beautiful and picturesque coastal town of Laem Sing in the Eastern Thailand region where you can have a very close and exciting encounter of swimming with the dolphins.

Adventure tourism is not meant for those with a weak heart or those with a lower endurance level. In addition to the above activities there are a host of other activities like white river rafting, jungle safaris and visiting the animals, and being part of the nature while trekking long distances nearby, we offer you any adventure tourism activity that you might be interested in. The new comfortable and well-maintained hotels and the other forms of accommodation, as well as the new flight routes that have been developed over the years close to most nearest destinations and thus make travel more convenient.

Our Thailand package includes many such adventure activities in addition to visiting some very beautiful places in Thailand for your leisure and activity. All the activities we help arrange for you will be very safe and backed by a professionally trained staff who are there to take good care of you in any eventuality that may arise.

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