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Food is the weakness of many. The food adventurer travels mostly to experience the flavors and tastes provided by the aromatic spices and ingredients peculiar to the country.Thai food is a worldwide phenomenon, enticing most foodies with its heavenly whiffs and delicious tastes. When in Thailand you can experience the Thai food markets which have surprises in store for everyone. The bustling markets are spread over land and water with aromatic dishes being whipped up in front of you and the most amazing exotic fruits waiting to be tasted. Thai cuisine is filled with unpredictable tastes, which can be found in the most unexpected places. Slurp up noodles, while floating on a river or enjoy steaming Thai curry, while a train speeds past you. Thailand is the new way to experience the most delectable cuisine.

You can even learn the secrets of Thai delicacies by enrolling for a short course. This course is especially designed to teach you the basics of Thai cuisine, using traditional Thai techniques and ingredients. The Thai culinary journey is incomplete without a visit Khantokh festival.

Be prepared to eat a lot of food if you embark on a Malaysian food tour. The streets are full of color with the vegetable markets displaying a variety of exotic vegetables and fruits. The street side cafes dotting the landscape dish out simmering delicacies of Indian, Malay and Thai origin. The culturally diverse feature of the country is evident in its cuisine. You can tour the spice town of Malacca, explore Kuala Lumpur and unwind by the beachside in Penang. All while partaking in the mouthwatering dishes being offered.

Dubbed as the food haven, Singapore attracts a tremendous amount of food travelers. The city is a melting pot of diverse food and cultures and has culinary treasures waiting to be experienced.

Singapore has many signature eateries offering the revelers the best food experience right from the street side to fine dining places.

Food tours can often be very disappointing as the taste of your guide or tour operator may be very different from that of yours. What you need is a holiday package that keeps your taste in mind.

Travelling with Yettosee travel and Tours grants you with the most satisfying gastronomic journey ever. The experts at Yettosee have designed amazing Thailand packages, Singapore packages, Malaysia Packages and many more holiday packages with customer satisfaction being the priority.

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