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Rejuvenate yourself with a Traditional Thai Massage

Thailand has always been famous for exotic spas and massages, and for using traditional massage both as a means of therapy and spiritual rejuvenation. Traditional massage remains an integral part of Thai culture. So rooted is the practice of massage in Thai culture, in fact, that Thai locals are usually taught traditional massage techniques from childhood.

Family Tour of Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore

The South East Asian countries of Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore are one the best places to go on a holiday with family and children. With a lot to do at all places with the assurance of being in a very safe environment. You can visit one of the largest aquariums in the world while in Singapore and an equally impressive one while in Thailand. The S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway.


Food is the weakness of many. The food adventurer travels mostly to experience the flavors and tastes provided by the aromatic spices and ingredients peculiar to the country. Thai food is a worldwide phenomenon, enticing most foodies with its heavenly whiffs and delicious tastes. When in Thailand you can experience the Thai food markets which have surprises in store for everyone. The bustling markets are spread over land and water with aromatic dishes being whipped up in front of you and the most amazing exotic fruits waiting to be tasted.


After you are done with the marriage ceremonies, all couples want some ‘our’ time. That’s the reason why honeymoons are planned with so much thought. After your most important life time event, your most important holiday too, has to be most well thought of and well planned. The most sought after honeymoon or holiday destinations today are Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Most travel companies offer affordable holiday packages to these destinations.


There are various holiday packages but if you really want to get to know a place better, then taking a history and culture tour will let you get into the skin of the region. This holiday package lets you experience the lifestyle of the country without the frills added by modernity. Thailand is the perfect mix of tropical beauty and rich and pulsating cultural heritage. While in Thailand witness the Siam Niramit, the epitome of Thailand’s art and cultural heritage.

Thailand Luxury experiences

Thailand has something for every type of holiday. Drawing us back time and time again to stay in rustic splendor or designer luxury. Soft white sandy beaches with clear turquoise waters perfect for diving; colorful historic monuments intermingled with bustling markets; lush green landscapes prime for trekking, rafting and riding on elephants.

Enjoy the Adventure Tourism in Thailand

Get out of the airplane and land directly on the earth to begin your journey of adventure, thrill, and fun while in Thailand. Even for the first time traveller, you can experience the excitement and thrill of the freefall with the help of our experienced instructors. There are a few things that can beat the experience of jumping out of an airplane that is flying at the height of 13.500ft. Falling from such a height at 200km/h, you will have a freefall for about 50 seconds and then fly around with the parachute for several minutes.

Rich Marine Culture in Thailand

Thailand is one of the best places in the world to enjoy the adventures on water. You can go snorkelling over the coral reefs in the far-away Mergui Archipelago. You can also enjoy a relaxing cruise to the Krabi Island on the Big Boat. Explore the vast world below the sea by snorkelling and also watching the reefs through the glass-bottom view-finders at the Chicken Island and the Poda Island. The rich marine life will leave you mesmerized by the wonderful sight of the abundant small reef sharks

Thailand - Where The Nature Comes Out into its Best

Thailand is a paradise for nature lovers. It allows you to trek the vast expanses of the countryside while on the back of the majestic elephant going through the flowing rivers and the dense tropical jungle right up into the mountain views to be able to see the amazing and panoramic views of Phuket and the surrounding islands. On the way you will also learn that this very intricate and dense tropical forest ecosystem in fact is one of the most active biodiverse ecosystems still present on earth.