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The cool air and the chilled atmosphere is what attracts most tourists to Chiang Rai. Most holiday packages often include a stay at Chiang Rai as it is a pretty little town surrounded by spectacular mountains. Chiang Rai has a culture, atmosphere and lifestyle very unique to this region. The people here are pleasant and friendly making your stay here most welcome.

Though, it is not a city bustling with life but it does have a certain vivacity which is very uncommon. Not as abundant with tourist attractions like its sister Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai is not short of historical and cultural attractions of its own. It is a place which lets you relax and experience the real northern Thailand’s way of life.

The best travel deals will offer you a visit to a few of the most popular tourist destination. But if you are not the types to be tied down by the schedule planned by others, then you can design your own Thailand package picking and choosing your own destinations and schedules.

While in Chiang Mai, the Wat RongKhun is one temple which shouldn’t be missed. Unlike most of the temples of the province this temple has been constructed recently and is not an ancient temple.
Despite that the beauty of the Wat RongKhun or The White Temple holds mass appeal. The temple is made from white stone embedded with thousands of little mirrors, which glitter and sparkle in the sunlight. The temple is so popular that it is considered as the national landmark of Thailand.

The city houses museums which divulge a lot of information about the Lanna lifestyle, which in turn make you understand the Thai culture better. The province is also surrounded by many farms filled with stretches of colorful flowers and lush greenery. You can be adventurous and enjoy a bike ride through the mountains.

Though unlike Chiang Mai, the city has little to offer to the exploratory but the trekking, mountain biking, zipping and a ride on the ‘pie in the sky’- Asia’s largest swing are worth a try. The Night Bazaar, Saturday Walking Streets and the jazz festivals are the latest additions which are attracting tourists by the hordes.

The best way to appreciate the beauty of Chiang rai is to hire a long tailed boat and drink in the scenery along the river banks and the city landscape. The city is a perfect blend of subtle modernity and ancient culture.

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