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Explore Thailand Countryside by visiting Kanchanburi

An amazing experience

The city of Kanchanburi clearly depicts what makes Thailand such a great an interesting country to visit. In the Land of Smiles, this place is truly a unique beauty with a perfect blend of natural spots as well as historical sightseeing opportunities. Easily accessible via train or bus, Kanchaaburi is just 2 to 3-hour drive away from Bangkok. If you are visiting this country, make sure that this place is included in your Thailand Package.

Located just 130 kms west of Bangkok, Kanchanburi is full of scenic beauties like waterfalls, natural forests, caves and mountains. For most of the tourists, the flowing river of Kwai is a great point of attraction. This place offers an opportunity of exploring the countryside of Thailand, which other provinces do not offer. Stay in the raft houses on the river for an unforgettable experience.

A place of historic significance

Historically, Kanchanburi is a very important city. Once, it was a site of Neolithic civilizations, the presence of ancient society artifacts and excavated burial sites is an evidence of that. In the middle of 20th century, the city became quite notorious with Bridge on the River Kwai. This bridge is quite a controversial structure that was built during WWII for supporting the Thai-Burmese railway by prisoners of war.

Nowadays, the infamous bridge is a major center of attraction. There is also a war cemetery and a war museum, which houses the remains of the prisoners of war who died while constructing the bridge. If you are someone who loves to visit places, you wouldn’t want to miss out on Kanchanburi. Choose a holiday package and visit this great place in Thailand.

Natural Getaways

Kanchanburi is also a great place for nature lovers. There are several natural getaways in this place, with forests, waterfalls, rivers, mountains and caves available throughout. These places are great for activities like trekking, rafting, and swimming, boating and cave exploration. You can get best travel deals for visiting Kanchanburi. Don’t miss out!

Other points of attraction

Another major tourist attraction is the Buddhist Tiger Temple. Also, if you are visiting the place, the Sai Yok National Park and The Erawan National Parks are the points you absolutely must visit.
All in all, Kanchanburi is one of the best places to visit in Thailand, which is why it is frequently visited by tourists. For those touring Thailand, cheap air tickets are available to the location for your convenience.

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