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Thailand – Where The Nature Comes Out into its Best

An amazing experience

Thailand is a paradise for nature lovers. It allows you to trek the vast expanses of the countryside while on the back of the majestic elephant going through the flowing rivers and the dense tropical jungle right up into the mountain views to be able to see the amazing and panoramic views of Phuket and the surrounding islands. On the way you will also learn that this very intricate and dense tropical forest ecosystem in fact is one of the most active biodiverse ecosystems still present on earth.

You can watch and enjoy the elephants perform especially for you in the wild. Experience the joy of meeting with and feeding the elephants with your own hands. Also, do try the very famous Thai baby elephant massage for a relaxing time. You will get to see the monkeys and the gibbons and watch closely how they are trained to pick up the coconuts from the trees. Spend quality time with some local farmers visiting their traditional Thai homes. Experience agriculture and watch from real close how rice is cultivated and harvested in the traditional way. Join the local farmers and ride on their ox cart through the rice fields and the various tropical fruit plantations. While in the countryside, do also spare a visit to the local rubber plantations to witness how the natural latex is obtained from the rubber trees. Then you can paddle down the Moong Dong River in your canoe to discover the thick mangrove forests. Also do not forget to go to the fish doctor for unique pedicure session where live fishes will eat away your dead skins.

When in Thailand you can witness two of the world’s most unique natural wonders – the coral reefs and the rainforest. Nature comes to life in both of these and is at its most vibrant and colorful best and in a fantastic shape. The best place in Thailand that combines the visits to both the rainforest and the coral reefs is one of the most nature friendly beach resorts, Khao Lak. Khao Lak is very conveniently situated near the Ko Similan islands, one of Thailand’s best and most popular diving destination, and also the Khao Sok National Park, which happens to be the country’s most majestic rainforests. The islands of Ko Similan can be accessed both on snorkeling and diving trips, either if you are on a day-trip or on the multi-day stay overs. The deserted islands of Ko Similan are covered and surrounded by the untouched jungle and are surrounded all around by the coral reefs which are teeming with marine life.

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